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Visionary leadership, industry-focused managers

A Robust expertise

Strategic excellence and execution capabilities

Our leadership position is driven by seasoned, sector-focused investment managers delivering skilled transaction execution. Our track record of success and partner relationships attest to the strength of our approach.


Founders and Managing Directors

Fabrizio Caputo
Managing Partner and Member of the Investment Committee
Fabrizio co-founded Nexta Capital Partners in 2015. He has a broad experience covering development, investment structuring and transaction execution within the renewable infrastructure industry. In the last 5 years he has originated and structured more than 2GW of renewable energy deals. Prior to founding Nexta Capital Partners Fabrizio worked as an independent consultant in the climate, energy and infrastructure markets.
Michele Mettola
Managing Partner and Member of the Investment Committee
Michele co-founded Nexta Capital Partners in 2015. He has developed significant expertise in infrastructure project finance and corporate finance with a focus on clean energy markets. At Nexta Capital Partners Michele has originated, structured and executed several infrastructure investments and a variety of leverage, structured and cash-flow based financings with major international financing institutions, enhancing the firm’s global relationship with leading lenders and investors in the energy sector.
Fabrizio Caputo
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Michele Mettola
Co-Founder and Managing Director

Investment and M&A

Guy Laufer
Elisabetta Negrini
Head of Project Finance
Gloria Transerici
Investment Manager
Maria Dremina
Investment Associate
Nicola Carnevali
Investment Analyst


Paolo Taviano
Luca Federico Piazza
Head of Group Reporting
Francesco Pecci
Head of Group Treasury


Alessandra Palladini
General Counsel
Giovanni Giustiniani
Senior Legal Counsel – Permitting & Regulatory Affairs
Alessandra Torchi
Senior Legal Counsel – M&A and Contracts
Clara Guerra Colosi
Senior Legal Counsel – Real Estate
Maria Silvia Milanesi
Legal Counsel – Real Estate


Alessandro Verdi
Carolina Francese
Head of Energy Market Design
Christos Geronikolos
Greece Country Manager
Shanshan Zhu
Senior Sustainability Manager
Fabio Angarola
Business Process Manager
Sofia Paolini
HR Manager
Julia Alshanova
Office Manager


Mattia Boccolini
Carlotta Ferrari
Portfolio Manager
Alessandro Cugola
Junior Portfolio Manager
Antonio Cagnazzi
Head of Solar and Storage
Pasquale Manicone
Senior Solar Engineer
Alessandro Ferrari
Solar Engineer
Diego De Lucia
Storage Project Manager
Giulia Lo Muzio
Storage Pipeline Manager
Alessandro Bracci
Head of Wind
Mauricio Cardenas
Senior Wind Engineer
Tommaso Raimondi
Junior Wind Engineer
Giovanni Manca
Head of Bioenergy
Matteo Giraldo
Senior Bioenergy Developer
Giacomo Arvati
Bioenergy Specialist
Gabriella Corcione
Origination Manager
Michele Mancini
Head of Project Development
Andrea Skerlavaj
Senior Project Developer
Maria Antonia Galati
Senior Project Manager
Pablo Polenta
Senior Project Manager
Alessandro Costa
Project Manager
Sofia Gandolfi
Junior Project Manager
Paolo Tixi
Head of Project Execution
Luca Lavazza
Head of Construction & Engineering
Andrea Masella
Senior Construction Project Manager
Sara Frigeni
HSEQ Manager
Vincenzo Garufi
Senior CAD Specialist
Bonifacio Cipriani
Electrical Engineer
Abdallah Hamdar
Grid Engineer
Amalia Patera
Geotechnical Engineer
Massimo Zanasso
Head of Permitting
Davide Palumbo
Senior Secondary Permitting Manager
Sara Fabris
Senior GIS Specialist
Edoardo Savi
Environmental Manager
Efrem Errera
Permitting & Urban Planning Specialist
Alessandro Milone
Environmental Specialist
Fabio De Vita
Head of Grid Management
Andrea Tersigni
Head of Real Estate
Giovanni Boschin
Head of Agri-Business