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Delivering excellence to the infrastructure capital market.

Nexta Capital Partners is an independent investment advisory firm focused on delivering financial products and services to the global energy and infrastructure markets.

The firm specializes in the origination and development of clean energy assets, the execution of complex transactions, the sale and financing of companies, projects and facilities, co-investments in illiquid assets and fund management of infrastructure investments.

We are distinguished by our independence, as well as our ability to integrate funding alongside long-term investment from managed fund, combined with our construction, financial and operational expertise.

We are a dynamic organization that has consistently created and maintained successful relationships with energy professionals, bankers, institutions and investors.

With our broad exposure to power and gas markets across geographies and technologies, we are well-positioned to identify, assess and capitalize on opportunities.

Our clients include developers, independent power producers, utilities, government entities, oil and gas companies and energy service providers focused on buying, selling, capitalizing, leveraging and/or restructuring a specific situation, company, project or asset.
We tailor our services to fit specific client needs, maintaining flexibility at all levels to suit even the most unique requirements.

Nexta Capital Partners’ professionals provide clients with unsurpassed expertise in the areas of project finance, capital raising and asset management. Since originating from a core group, our firm has added a number of individuals with deep knowledge in executing M&A in the clean energy transactions on behalf of clients across all geographies.

Today, our firm is comprised of partners with a focus on ensuring a “hands-on” approach to our client’s strategic financial solutions.

Visionary leadership. Industry-focused bankers.

Our leadership position is driven by seasoned, sector-focused bankers delivering insightful advice and skilled transaction execution. Our track record of success and client relationships attest to the strength of our approach.

Management Team

Fabrizio Caputo

Founder and Managing Director

Fabrizio co-founded Nexta Capital Partners in 2015. He has a broad experience covering development, investment structuring and transaction execution within the renewable infrastructure industry. In the last 5 years he has originated and structured more than 2GW of renewable energy deals and has contributed to the implementation of the group’s asset management. He is responsible for the investment strategy and member of the investment committee of Nexta Renewable Fund. Prior to founding Nexta Capital Partners Fabrizio worked as an independent consultant in the climate, energy and infrastructure markets.

Michele Mettola

Founder and Managing Director

Michele co-founded Nexta Capital Partners in 2015. He has developed significant expertise in infrastructure project finance and corporate finance with a focus on clean energy markets. At Nexta Capital Partners Michele has originated, structured and executed several infrastructure investments and a variety of leverage, structured and cash-flow based financings with major international financing institutions, enhancing the firm’s global relationship with leading lenders and investors in the energy sector.

Gary Neville

Non-Executive Director

Gary joined Nexta Capital Partners as independent director and strategic consultant having spent more than thirty-five years working across infrastructure, project finance, management consultancy. Until recently Gary was Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of the manager of InfraMed Infrastructure fund ($500m). He was formerly CEO of the exclusive investment advisor to Infrastructure India plc and a Director of John Laing plc.

Organizational Structure

Investment Banking

Nexta Capital provides a variety of financial advisory services within the renewable energy industry. Areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, debt advisory and infrastructure finance.

Proprietary Investments

The proprietary alternative investment division, managed by the entity Nexta Infrastructure Holdco, looks for private equity deals and other illiquid investments, seeking consistent returns on the medium and long term in the energy and environmental markets.

Infrastructure Development

Nexta Project Holdco’s scope is to develop, finance, construct and manage large-scale projects in the renewable energy sector with the aim of building a broad base of de-risked greenfield and brownfield assets to both group’s investment entities and third party investors.

Asset Management

Nexta Investment Management has been established to promote and manage infrastructure investment funds focusing on the energy sector and primarily investing in the portfolio sourced by the group’s development platforms.

Sector expertise across multiple clean technologies.

Our specialization provides for a combination of financial and technical expertise, allowing us to better understand and service the strategic and financing needs of our clients.

Our team aims to be a global leader in accessing capital for clean technology and renewables businesses.
We have built a proven and successful platform combining deep industry knowledge, global expertise and straightforward, thoughtful advice across multiple sectors and technologies.

Industries we serve include, but are not limited to the following:

• Onshore / Offshore Wind
• Solar photovoltaic
• Hydro Power
• Bioenergies (Biomass and Biofuels)
• Energy storage

Global presence. Client-centric approach.

At Nexta Capital, we work seamlessly together as one firm to serve our clients wherever they need us. Our international specialists are represented at 24 associate offices on 5 continents and are closely connected with the local markets there. We make our collective knowledge, experience and global network available to our clients.