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Committed to source renewable, reliable and cost-effective power and gas assets

Nexta Project Holdco is the group’s project development segment responsible for sourcing greenfield and brownfield real assets for our investors’ long term investment scope.

Nexta Project has implemented a development platform to source de-risked projects and create a structure that allows the group’s investors base to secure captive interest in development assets.

The team’s abilities in origination, permitting, environmental mitigation, strategic analysis and risk management enable us to cultivate a broad portfolio of clean energy projects worldwide.

This relationship between project development competencies and investment execution skills uniquely positions us to deliver a dynamic, customized approach to energy generation that is responsive to rapidly changing energy markets and financial trends.

The primary aim of Nexta Project remains the creation of an access to a proprietary pipeline with a significant yield compression.

Since its inception, the company has built a reputation as one of the top developers in the renewable industry, successfully developing more than three GWs of solar and wind projects for both third party investors and in-house investment platforms with a cumulative CapEx to be raised equal to € 2.6bn.

Projects designed and built for a seamless transition from development to operations

The core objective of the origination and development is to create a revenue proposition that allows for a project to be constructed with adequate returns, create a significant potential for value creation and provide reliable and flexible renewable energy.

A global portfolio of renewable energy assets

Nexta Project has established an efficient process to develop and acquire assets and ensure effective development and implementation. This has enabled the company to create a large pipeline of renewable energy projects in a diverse range of geographies and technologies.

€ 2.6bn of assets under development