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A specialist asset management firm investing in energy infrastructures

Nexta Investment Management is an emerging alternative fund manager that designs investment portfolios from off-the-run, capacity-constrained and uncorrelated alternative investment strategies with the goal of generating attractive absolute returns even in times of rising volatility and market stress.

Nexta Investment Management, part of Nexta Capital Partners, provides asset management to institutional investors on a wide range of alternative assets with a primary focus on sustainable energy sources.

Our scope is to generate superior, risk-adjusted investment returns from opportunities arising from the transition to a more sustainable economy for clients with a medium to long-term horizon.

The firm owns a solid track record and wide experience in renewable generation and alternative infrastructure investments.

Together with the privately held affiliate Nexta Project Holdco, it creates opportunities for growth across the spectrum of renewable energy. Although Nexta Project Holdco is a legally separate entity, the two inter-group companies are aligned in leadership, mission, vision, and values. Nexta Investment Management is the largest single owner of interests in Nexta Project Holdco and has a right of first offer on all projects it looks to sell.

This distinctive structure allows investors to access a proprietary pipeline of developed core infrastructure assets enabling Nexta Investment Management to build a diversified portfolio of assets, generating stable, consistent and inflation-linked cash flows over the life of each fund.

Wide range of alternative assets with a primary focus on sustainable energy sources

In the energy and infrastructure market, we work relentlessly to uncover and capture new opportunities. Across a diverse range of investment strategies, we deploy our capital with the aim of generating industry leading investment results for our investors and capital partners

Primary aim of every investment are attractive returns that exhibit low market correlation while measurably supporting carbon neutrality.

Nexta Investment Management employs a solution-oriented approach to investment management, from the development and implementation of a strategy, to the management of and exit from an asset.

As real asset investors, we create value by generating consistent, sustainable cash flows and making operational improvements. The high-quality, long-life nature of our asset base tends to provide insulation from the extremes of market cycles with the ability to generate strong risk-adjusted returns across all market conditions.

Our firm’s independent, asset-specific investment teams utilise its extensive sector network and experience to screen the market for potential investment opportunities. The investment teams are responsible for the due diligence analysis and economic assessment of targeted assets. They identify the risks involved in order to determine the potential viability of investments and optimised risk-return profiles. During the structuring of the investment, care is taken to align the structure as best as possible with the requirements of the investors.

An investment is made only if it passes the in-depth analysis of the investment, portfolio management, risk management, liquidity management and valuation teams and due diligence by external advisors.
Once an asset has been on-boarded, Nexta Investment Management manages the asset over its entire lifetime to fully realise its value.

Our business has a number of advantages supporting cash flow growth and capital appreciation, and benefits from technological and geographical diversification. In addition, we sell the majority of our power and gas under long-term, inflation-linked contracts that allow us to capture increases in prices over time.

We have fully developed operating platforms that allow us to maintain and grow our assets with on-the-ground expertise.

Investment case and asset characteristics

• Access to a balanced and diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments
• Stable cash flows, inflation protection and low GDP sensitivity
• Long life “hard” real assets (20 years or more)
• High up-front investment, with predictable ongoing operational cost profile
• Long term performance history, with limited technology risk
• Robust counterparties and regulated or quasi-regulated long-term contracts
• Uncorrelated returns versus traditional asset classes
• Market leading operational partners
• Preservation of invested capital and significant cash distribution

Nexta Renewable Fund. Diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments

More details to follow soon.

We finance the energy transition

Nexta Infrastructure Holdco, the group’s proprietary investments vehicle, has been taking controlling positions in a series of privately-held companies that own and operate renewable energy and gas production infrastructures.

The firm operates a genuine merchant banking model, making direct investments from our balance sheet into assets and companies i dentified as having high growth potential.

This capability enables us to take advantage of unique or early stage investment opportunities that are identified internally.

Being management owned, we are also able to offer flexibility in fee structures which may allow us to take a portion of our fees in equity or quasi-equity, which may be of particular interest and benefit to earlier-stage businesses.

To date many of the firm’s interests have been in jurisdictions in which it has previously acted in an advisory capacity and where our local knowledge, often enhanced by our network of contacts, enables us to make informed investment decisions.

In addition, the firm has diverse capabilities across illiquid sustainable investments including private equity, infrastructure and venture capital.

We invest in growth companies owning multiple projects or that use commercially proven technology and aim to deploy the majority of the capital into bioenergy, wind, solar and storage sectors.